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Lattice Girder Welding Lines YFE350D

Brief introduction

It adopts five 5mm-12mm rebar of cold rolling ribbed or hot rolling round bar.The production process is steel bar be dragged from raw material device,straightening,bending,welding,forming,cutting and collecting,the end product will be triangle lattice girder.It is mainly used to rebar construction making of high speed railway and truss lattice floor deck.The whole product line can be operated by one people,the fast production speed will be 12m per minutes.

                                                                      Technical parameter

1The weight of the laying linekg/coil
2The number of laying linePcs5
3Longitudinal wire diameter(upper and lower)mm5-12
4Diagonal wire diametermm4-7
6Girder heightmm70-350
7Girder width mm70-110
8Girder lengthm2-14
9Produce ratem/min
10Pulling typemmHydraulic clamp traction