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Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine GT5-12C

Product features:

Integrated automatic (CNC) delivery to the mechanism to ensure accuracy.Japan,German industrial PC and CNC control system with high precision.The cutting power of the shearing host is strong.
Control system composition: Panasonic, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Schneider, Omron, Huichuan.Power is driven by servo motor and precision servo reducer transmission. Compared with synchronous belt transmission, it has high accuracy, accurate size and durable life.Frequent belt replacement is not required.

Technical parameter:

1Single Wire(mm)5-12
2Double Wire(mm)5-8
3Max Traction Speed(m/min)130
4Length Accuracy(mm)1
5Average pressure consumption0.3l/min
6Average electric power consumption5-8kw/h
7Labeled electric power18KW
9Overall machine weight2,700Kg