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YFW3300 Full-automatic Flexible Wire Mesh Welding Line

Product features:


The equipment is automatically produced in the whole process and controlled by human-computer interface + PLC programming controller.

Welding, bending, reserved window, door, etc., can be automatically opened according to the reserved window size.

It can directly import the CAD mesh specifications, convenient and fast.

Rebar diameter is variable at any time, reinforcement machine 2-4 warehouse optional.

It can weld the hot rolled with ribs, cold rolled with ribs, hot rolled with light circle, cold rolled with light circle and other materials, wide adaptability.

According to the electric capacity of the user, it can use one or secondary welding, great flexibility.

The unit is designed as a separable structure to facilitate specification adjustment and maintenance.

The welding system of welding transformer and upper and lower electrode adopts forced water cooling, and is equipped with flow protection device, so that the unit can operate reliably and continuously.

The welding pneumatic system pressure is stepless adjustable for the steel specifications.

Technical parameter: