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Bendig Center YFH-32/YFH-32C

Product features:

Double-head CNC reinforcement machining center is a special equipment used for reinforcement bending.The equipment has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, economical and practical.Especially suitable for various engineering bid sections, reinforcement centralized processing factory and other reinforcement batch processing occasions.

Bending head device: The bending head has a compact structure and a wide range of processed steel bars.The bending head movement is driven by the servo motor, and the steel bar bending length is digitally controlled, with fast head movement response and high positioning accuracy.The bending head adopts hydraulic clamping mechanism with high clam force and high positioning accuracy.The bending head is equipped with different types of central pin shaft and bending plate to process steel bars with different requirements.Bending motor adopts frequency conversion technology, accurate reinforcement processing, high efficiency and energy saving.Multiple steel bars can be bent at the same time.

                                Technical parameter: